Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online – Fetch XML Based Reports – Carraige Returns

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I am making progress on a new Fetch XML based report, and I need to add an Address Block.  I have a table with multiple rows per record, but I want to make sure my Address Block stays together even if some of the other data wraps in other columns (thus expanding the report vertically).  I would like to add the Account Name, Address Line 1, City, State and Zip on three lines within the same cell with two carraign returns.  I used  & VBCRLF & (the VBCRLF stands for Visual Basic Carraige Return Line Feed) and it worked in preview mode, but I got an error when I tried to upload the .rdl as an existing file into CRM Online.

Ian Smith
Ian has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2004. Owner and President of SyncraTec Solutions, LLC. Enjoys running, mountain biking, and playing basketball / soccer. Lives in Yardley, PA.
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  • Dirk Fabricius

    Yes, VBCRLF isn’t supported. Please use & Chr(10) & instead.

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