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Having gotten into running, now, for several years — and knowing about Power BI — I often wondered if there was an app to analyze distance running with Power BI.

I would be interested in how Power BI could find patterns between the amount of training put in and race times. Or between the temperature, wind chill or humidity, to find when we could expect to hit our next Personal Record (PR).

I haven’t quite found the dashboard yet, I’m sure somebody will develop one soon. If not, I might have to roll-up my sleeves and start digging into it.

I did find a few good articles where the Power BI is used to look at different angles of running, biking, or triathlon training, providing race results, and analysis of diet and training.

One funny thing that keeps coming up when I do a search, is the dual meaning of “running total.” I get lots of hits, but not actually related to running! Here’s a very good article I just found on a triathlete’s diet and exercise analysis with Power BI, and it includes a couple of valuable tutorial links on how to connect to the Strava API with Power BI.

If you’re reading this article, you may already know this, but the Strava app rules for runners, bikers, and triathletes. You may actually use a Garmin device during exercise, and initially upload the results to the Garmin Connect app. But then the Garmin Connect app can sync to Strava, and that’s where the community is. You can “follow” other runners in a feed of your favorites or your local running club. You can see who else (that is on Strava) ran the same race as you, etc.

Here’s a Power BI Dashboard for Boston Marathon finishers from 1897 through 2017. And here’s the accompanying article by the author, describing the creation of the dashboard.

The other Power BI Dashboard I found was for race results from southern Europe.

Power BI race results article: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-showcase/solidq-marathon-stats/

Power BI race results video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/308cOYs9hBQ?rel=0&enablejsapi=1

Power BI Dashboard: https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiN2E0MWE2NmMtMTIxNi00NWVmLTllYmMtODlmY2ZiOGQ3N2I3IiwidCI6IjU3NGMzZTU2LTQ5MjQtNDAwNC1hZDFhLWQ4NDI3ZTdkYjI0MSIsImMiOjZ9


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